Mr Warren Vice – Biography

Hi my name is Warren Vice and I am currently a 5th Dan black belt and the chief instructor of Sefton TAGB.

I started TKD (Tae kwon-do) when I was 6 years old along side my father in 1989. I was never that gifted in TKD and as a result needed to train and work extremely hard for any achievement. As an average child I achieve my black belt at the age of 10 with my dad getting his at the same time. It wasn’t long before my little brother and mother had joined our club and as a family we would train 3-4 times a week.


I had always entered comps since the very start of my TKD career and unfortunately for the first 7-8 years with no great success. In fact I pretty sure I didn’t win a single competition bout till I was 14. I then began to win a few nationals and by the time I was 15 I had entered my first world championship in 1998. I went on to win the boys under 18 middle weight division.

As a result of my hard work and training I had become a world champion with the excellent guidance and tutelage of my Instructor Mr Mark Farnham and my Dad.
I carried on the training sparring only the adults in the club and by the time the next world championship had come round in Holland 2000 I was ready to compete with the most elite in the men’s black belt -64kg division. Still only 16 in a 18+ division I went on to become world champion again this time at the highest level. I was also put in the England team for the prestigious team event where we came 2nd to a very strong Argentinean team.

Since 2000 I am still a key member of the TAGB national team and have become the most decorated fighter in Tae Kwon-do history. Winning every competition from English, Scottish, Welsh, British, European and World championships. I have a total of 19 world titles at continuous, points, national team and tag team.

I have become a proud instructor and now boast my own world champions and black belts, and hope to inspire people to achieve their own goals within TKD. I was awarded the Sefton sports coach of the year in 2013 and hope to build on the success of our schools in and around the Sefton area.