Warren Vice Seminars

Join us for a unique insight into how 19 times World Champion and 5th Dan instructor Warren Vice, both thinks and trains in preparation for Tae Kwon-Do sparring.

The seminar is designed in such a way, that students of all ages and abilities will enjoy. Tae Kwon-Do practitioners attending the seminar will each individually benefit; from encouraging beginners to gain confidence in sparring to the more advanced practitioner – who will learn valuable skills to improve timing and shot selection, required to compete at both national and international levels.

Our world class instructors will explain the uses of numerous techniques and demonstrate the application of those techniques in real life sparring situations.

Please note:

  • All seminars must be discussed and arranged between Mr Vice and the Instructor
  • That the provision of a seminar will require the consent of your area coordinator
  • Prices are based on the number of people participating, with a required minimum of 30 people
  • If required we will provide electronic art advertising the seminar, which instructors can use on their websites or print to help promote the event.

So book now to avoid disappointment.


Alex McColl – Extreme Kicking Seminars

In these seminars we aim too:

  • Have FUN!
  • Learn new and advanced kicks
  • Learn how to jump and spin/torque for kicking techniques
  • Introduce new and fun strength/flexibility/plyometric exercises
  • Build confidence

It will help to:

  • Improve your traditional kicking techniques
  • Build your strength and flexibility
  • Build your confidence with advanced kicking and jumping techniques
  • Build your knowledge on how to perform certain types of techniques

These seminars are not just tailored to suit only the very fittest and most agile Tae Kwon Do students, everyone can enjoy, learn and improve in the session! From very young white belts to some of the older and more experienced practitioners, there is something for everyone. It can be challenging and hard work, and can even tax the brain a little, but the experience and knowledge you take away will be invaluable to your own TKD training.

Learning about how your own body works, and a break down of individual techniques can help to build your confidence so you can perform better and practice more in and out of class.

So book now to avoid disappointment, hope to see you all kicking soon!