Warren Vice is proud to announce sponsorship with NMB – Natural Muscle Building Nutrition.
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Natural Muscle BuildingIt is with immense pleasure that we can announce Warren Vice as one of our sponsored athletes and latest addition to Natural Muscle Building Nutrition.

Warren is 19 times World Tae Kwon Do Champion, British Tae Kwon Do Champion and multiple International Tae Kwon Do Fighter of the Year.

He is currently a 5th Dan Black belt.

Warren runs the Sefton Tae Kwon Do school with fellow British Champion Alex McColl, 3 Dan Black Belt.

It takes total commitment and dedication to reach the levels of achievement that Warren has in his career and he chooses who works with him with the same level of commitment.

You don’t work with the best unless you are serious about what you do and at Team Natural Muscle Building Nutrition, we are totally serious about nutrition and have been from day 1.

Are you as serious as Warren?

NMB – Natural Muscle Building Nutrition, Founded and RUN by/ UK NUTRITIONISTS.

To be a success in any sport you must be focused, dedicated and committed. You need these attributes to be the best that your body will allow you to be.
But your body will only allow you to be the best if it is fuelled correctly.

Recovery is the key to maximising performance. Muscles get tired during exercise and unless nutrients are replaced post workout the body will not recover well enough to maximise what was achieved during the workout.

Speed, power and flexibility are all compromised if the correct post workout nutrition is not consumed and this is a negative that all athletes want to avoid.

An essential part of the recovery and repair process is the availability of proteins post exercise. As soon as they are introduced into the body the faster the repair process can start, without them the body will start to breakdown muscle tissue and all your efforts in your chosen sport will have been in vain. Your performance will be compromised as will your recovery.

The crucial part of getting these nutrients into the body is speed. The sooner they are available to the body, the sooner the body can start the recovery and repair process and growth phase.

Food has to go through the digestive system before delivering its nutrition to the body so the process is a slow one, the supplement is a fast process so the recovery/repair cycle starts immediately which in turn will maximise the benefits from your work out and your performance will improve as will your strength and endurance.

Many people focus on proteins but fail to see the importance of other macronutrient such as carbohydrates.


Is the building blocks of the body and it plays a vital part in the maintenance, repair and growth of everything in our bodies. Everything about the human body is comprised of protein and muscle. Good sources of protein come from chicken, turkey, fish, lean red meat, pork and eggs.

All proteins are formed from amino acids which can then be used by the body. There are 22 amino acids and eight of these are referred to as essential amino acids as the body is unable to synthesise them within the body and must be put into the body by way of diet to be available to the body. If a protein contains all eight essential amino acids it’s referred to as a complete protein. The remaining 14 amino acids are referred to as non essential amino acids as they can be manufactured by the body from the essential amino acids.



Even the mention of this nutrient gives some of us palpitations yet it is an essential part of our diets. It is the fuel that drives the body, helps with digestion but more importantly provides sufficient energy for our body’s metabolic activity and the digestion of other nutrients, everyday tasks and all physical activity.

There are 2 types of carbs, simple, (fast releasing) and complex, (slow releasing).

Simple carbs are found in processed foods and foods that contain refined sugars. These are digested quickly into the body and are delivered directly into the blood stream delivering a quick source of energy.

Complex carbs are found in almost all plant based foods. Rice, pulses, pastas, vegetables, wholegrain pastas and breads, oats.
These are slowly broken down in the body and carbs are found in almost all plant based foods. Rice, pulses, pastas, vegetables, wholegrain pastas and breads, oats.
These are slowly broken down in the body and its delivery of energy into the body is slow and dependant on the complexity of the carbohydrate the energy release into the body can be anything from 6 – 10 hours.

In summary the supplement plays an essential part in the athletes performance, power and endurance. You don’t have to be a world class athlete or a professional sports person to experience these enhancements but all you have to do is introduce them into your diet.

When you do the benefits have a currency all of their own.

You will be stronger, faster, more powerful and recover faster