Just some of the Testimonials received:

I started Tae Kwon-Do with Warren Vice after being bullied in school. His classes are friendly and fun. He is an inspiration to me and other children. He has made me a stronger person and he is my pal.
Ethan Age 6
The feedback we received from all our students taking part in our second Warren Vice Seminar, was all positive. Students of all Grades and aged from as young as 7 to over 60, all felt not only that they had learned something, but how informative, helpful & patient Mr Vice was with them.

Anyone that has been on seminars will tell you, sometimes the Instructor can use it as a platform to showcase themselves, Mr Vice is in no way that sort of an Instructor.  You will learn something to suit your own ability, but most of all, go away feeling that you CAN improve and enjoy Tae Kwon-Do at your level.  In short, outstanding for all ages & abilities.

Annabel Murcott 6th Dan TAGB & Dale Pollard 4th Dan TAGB - March 2014
As a family, we have found Tae Kwon-Do to be a fantastic opportunity to take part in regular exercise and spend time together as a family. Mr Vice has taken us from beginners, right through to my son’s black belt. My son has taken such pride in his achievement, and as a parent it has been a delight to watch.

He has learnt so much from Mr Vice, and found him truly inspiring. He has even adopted his motto of Dream, Believe, Succeed. My son is now encouraging the rest of us, and passing on all that he has learnt to enable us to achieve the same success. I cannot think of another sport that enables a family to train together, from age 4 through to 40. Mr Vice welcomes all, from four year olds, to an unfit mother who was more use to watching from the side-lines. The fact that we are both still going strong nearly 3 years later is testament to Mr Vice’s encouragement and angelic levels of patience!

The club aspect of the sport has been fantastic. We have all made some truly amazing friends, who are always very supportive. The senior grades in the club, alongside Mr Vice, have been incredibly patient  and gracious with their time.  We did not start with any prior experience, and have received nothing but encouragement along the way. I cannot recommend the club enough, and would encourage anyone to come along and join in.

Sarah (7th Kup)
Before I started training with Warren, I had only ever won one fight, within 12 months I am now regularly winning medals including silver and gold at the British all thanks to his training. The training sessions are hard work but he always makes them fun; kids always have smiles on their faces when they’re training with him.
Training with Warren has made a big difference to my son. The club he trains at does not regularly practice sparring and he was keen to compete and improve. I heard about Warren and his club on a Monday together with the monthly fight club and small group training sessions; I contacted Warren to see if he was willing to assist my son and was pleased at the positive response.

The first training session was hard work however Warren made sure my son enjoyed himself and that he received some positive feedback as well as areas for him to work on.

My son now trains with Warren on a regular basis and the improvement has been incredible. Prior to starting additional training with Warren he had only ever won one fight within six months he had won his first silver medal and within 12 months had won six medals three gold’s and three silvers including a gold and silver at the British Championships.

I would recommend anyone to attend one of Warrens training sessions due to the following reasons

  • If you want to improve the opportunity to train with the best is a chance you cannot miss
  • Not only is Warren one of the best (if not the best) sparrers in the world he has the ability to impart his knowledge in a friendly encouraging manner. I have never seen anyone come away from one of his sessions without a smile on their face.
  • The sessions that my son has attended have included both attack and defence with specific work conducted on ring craft, this knowledge is priceless for an inexperienced sparer.
  • Each session is fun, hard work and will improve both fitness and agility.
David’s dad
I have had the pleasure to have known and been taught Tae Kwon-Do by Mr Warren Vice for the past 2 ½ years/
His success and achievements in this sport are outstanding and unmatched by anyone else. He is a 19 times world champion, including both individual and team events, won all national titles and been voted TAGB national fighter of the year numerous times.

As a student I am so fortunate that he is now focusing on instructing Tae Kwon-Do. He is an enthusiastic, supportive and highly motivated instructor who relates well to all ages from a wide range of backgrounds. His hard work and dedication is already showing fantastic results with the club boasting a further World Champion at junior level and another who has been selected to train with the Olympic team for the Rio Olympic Games, plus numerous national champions.
Warren’s early success and achievements as an instructor were recognised when he was awarded Sefton’s Coach of the Year 2012.

Socially, his fun—loving character is even more obvious, he is never one to shy away from the dance floor to demonstrate his unique dance moves or help to get the party started.

Considering what he has achieved and the celebrity type status he holds within the TAGB. He remains very humble and always has time for others. He is well respected and a highly popular individual with an infectious fun personality.

Dr K L Holloran MBChB DCH
Hi sir, hope your well I’ve just seen your fight at the clash!!

As always it’s great to watch not just for your superb fighting ability and technique but your professionalism and personality makes it awe inspiring and entertaining, you’re a true inspiration for everyone in TKD and other martial arts!!


Hi Alex,

Since having 1-2-1′s with Alex, my daughter (aged 8) has improved immensely, achieving medals in various competitions.  Alex always makes the lesson fun, keeping her engaged throughout.  He breaks each pattern down, ensuring she understands the reasons for every movement.  He concentrates on technique, power and execution.  Emma loves her 1-2-1′s with Alex, I would completely recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their TKD.